Monday, March 13, 2017

Sarees and Summer Weddings

It is no secret that I love sarees and food in equal measure. I also enjoy the company of family and friend's so it is logically safe to assume that I love wedding's. There is not too many nice things one can say about summer in Madras other than the mangoes. However, the summer is also wedding season here and it is honestly way too hot to even think of a silk saree. 

In this post, I am going to put together three of my favourite sarees to wear to a summer wedding. I have styled all three with silver or non-precious jewellery.

First up is a deep bright blue Maheswari silk cotton with a silvery border. I love how these sarees are light and fluttery to wear but still manage to look shimmery and festive. This I have worn with a cotton blouse (because I hate sweating in silk blouses). The jewellery is a gorgeous beaded choker designed by Sujatha of Rimli Boutique (the have a store in T Nagar and an instagram page as well) that picks out the green and reds in the blouse and a pair of jhumkas that were curated by a friend who runs a home based store. I wanted to match the deep blue with a complementary jewel tone and it was a difficult choice between this green and a deep magenta, both of which would have worked with the jewellery I had in mind for this saree. 

Cannot do wedding season in Madras without a traditional Kanchi Silk Cotton, can I? This one with a traditional korvai border with mango motifs in colours that scream weddings to me is a top favourite.This is a look for a day when you want to look like you are wearing a silk but don't really want to wear one. The blouse is a silk cotton with a jacquard weave. The adigai style pendant is another Rimli Boutique piece and I am so impressed with the fine workmanship on it. These jhumkas were also sourced by the same friend who found me the pair in the previous photo. 

The third is something I wore to a wedding in the family a few years ago. I think I did a green and red brocade silk blouse at that time though. Shimmery white and gold silk Kota with a red silk cotton blouse. The silver and kemp earrings (the fish part of it cuffs the ear like a maatal) were custom made for me around the time of my wedding almost six years ago. I ended up not wearing these for the wedding because it was bit of an overkill with my handmade (also kemp adorned) Andal Kondai and the works. I ended up wearing it to a cousin's wedding a few months after. I have never worn this for the stage which is why the pearls are still white and have not been dyed pink with makeup and alta. I prefer minimal jewellery with dance costumes. 

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  1. Hi Aarabi, I am a long-time lurker on your blog and also follow your instagram page. Love, love, love your style. Can you please tell me where you buy the fabric and where you have your blouses stitched. Or if you purchase ready-made ones, where you get them. I have been slowly moving towards wearing sarees, but getting blouses made is such a pain! Please help.